World of Warplanes taking off on September 26

You may think you've been playing World of Warplanes for weeks now, but no, you're wrong. Developer Wargaming.net today announced the free-to-play plane 'em up is taxing out of the open beta hangar and onto the digital runway for a September 26 take-off. I'm using plane-based metaphors because it's a video game about planes, see.

"In the two months since the launch of Open Beta, we've made a huge amount of progress," development director Oleg Gotynyan said in today's announcement. "We are extremely thankful for the feedback and data our testers provided to us through both Closed and Open Beta. They contributed a great deal to the process of helping scale the game, and we expect it to offer a deep and polished experience to both MMO fans and flight combat enthusiasts alike."

As it's in open beta, you can play WoWP right now if you fancy. You can 'pre-order' some discounted bundles of cash and Premium membership too.

Here's a new cinematic trailer Wargaming whipped together for Gamescom:

BOOM video 15895