Origin 'Great Game Guarantee' allows for returns of digital game purchases

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 20, 2013 6:00am PDT

EA's Origin service doesn't have the best reputation amongst PC gamers. But EA is trying to change its image. And its new "Great Game Guarantee" sounds like a terrific way to start. Effective immediately, you'll be able to return any full game downloads published by EA via Origin for a full return. It's a feature we'd love to see implemented in other digital storefronts.

According to the announcement, the guarantee gives you up to seven days after a purchase or pre-order to return an unplayed digital game. However, if you do play the game, you'll have up to 24 hours to return the game. A "request a refund" link will appear in your Order History for eligible games.

The full terms of the offer state that refunds may not be supported during promotions--likely deep discount sales. In addition, refunds "may not be supported where Electronic Arts detects fraud or abuse of the refund process." Refunds won't apply to any third-party games on Origin, and won't be available on EA games on non-Origin retailers, as well.

EA's new policy on digital games is refreshing, especially after their bundled launch of SimCity. EA wouldn't offer refunds of the Origin-exclusive, but eventually gave a free game to all players.

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