Spelunky digs onto PS3 and PS Vita on August 27

Spelunky's long-awaited PlayStation debut has been dated. Derek Yu's dig 'n die simulator will be available as a Cross-Buy title for PS3 and PS Vita on August 27 as part of a new Vita-focused PlayStation Network promo. The game promises "new exclusive features" not found in the original XBLA release.

In addition to Spelunky, PlayStation Network will have four consecutive weeks of Cross-Buy games for PS3 and Vita. The promotion kicks off tomorrow with Divekick, our favorite two-button fighter ever. Here's the full schedule:

  • 8/20 - Divekick ($9.99; $7.99 for Plus)
  • 8/27 - Spelunky ($14.99; $11.99 for Plus)
  • 9/3 - Kickbeat ($9.99; $7.99 for Plus)
  • 9/10 - Dragon Fantasy: Book II ($14.99; $11.99 for Plus)

Unlike other PSN promos, there is no bonus for buying all of these games. Here's a sizzle trailer to get you hyped: