Fans aiming to finish 0x10c

Mojang's space sim 0x10c had been put "on ice," after creator Marcus Persson felt it hit a creative block. When he said he had no future aspirations for the project, fans of Mojang don't want to see it go the way of the dodo, and have resolved to pick it up for him.

"I think the main reason we set out to do the project is that we were really excited for 0x10c," a user named Nouht told US Gamer. "As soon as Notch said he was dropping it, a lot of the community were disappointed. Hearing Notch say there wasn't going to be a 0x10c on the livestream really shook people up."

The team of fans, which calls itself Project Trillek on Reddit, has now broken into "departments" of volunteers. It is currently working on basic prototypes. Once that's settled, they plan to split up into other departments to flesh out the game.

"I think we didn't really look into why he put it on hold. We just sort of looked at the project and were like, 'Okay. This is a community project now.' We're not using any of his old code, his name or anything," said Shane Dalton, who is serving as the project lead. "We're bringing the community onto the ground floor as soon as we get everything set up. Then, we will take suggestions from them and release early builds to gauge their reactions."

Currently, there are no plans to ever acquire monetary remuneration for their work. This, it seems, is a labor of love. Dalton says, "We're not planning on monetizing it except for asking for donations to help with server costs. It's also because of the open source nature of the game. It's like, we going to release the game for free since we want as many people as possible to play this."