Dragon Age: Inquisition combat video promises party control and tactics

BioWare promises to make Dragon Age: Inquisition more tactical than its predecessor. "We've heard a lot of feedback, both positive and negative on both of the previous games, and you have to look at both sides of that. People really like the responsiveness of Dragon Age 2 but they didn't like a lot of other things like the encounter design, lack of a more tactical gameplay aspect, which they thought they had in Dragon Age: Origins and lost," executive producer Mark Darrah said.

Creative director Mike Laidlaw explained to Game Informer that "there's obviously a hunger for [the concept of the fully-controlled party], as evidenced by the success of games like Wasteland on Kickstarter. "In our case, then, doing it with that kind of hybrid real-time or pause-and-play as you prefer has always been the kind of thing that we see as part of our legacy," he said.

This video offers an early work-in-progress look at how BioWare is shaping combat in the third Dragon Age game. "I want to give the players the tools to act as a coordinate team, more so than we have in the past," Laidlaw added.