The Sims 4 leak reveals more emotional sims

The Sims 4 is the next leap for Maxis' virtual torture simulation, and a set of leaked screens and info has given us a little more detail on what to expect from this iteration. EA and Maxis are aiming to make the Sims themselves more emotionally apt and intelligent this time around.

The screens and info from All Games Beta reveal that Sims will be able to multi-task, and you'll be able to guide their lifelong goals by getting insight to their thoughts and social skills. They'll also be more emotionally expressive, showing emotion from how they walk, and having their emotional states impacted by external factors like other sims, memories, or even clothing.

The points also promise more precise editing tools for both sims and their houses, and a diverse set of neighborhood lots to live in. It will also introduce new sharing tools for showing off or downloading creations from other players.

We know that EA chose to make The Sims 4 an offline game after a poor reception to the new SimCity, so elements like neighborhoods that seem similar to city groups could have been planned along those lines at one time.