Capcom Essentials bundle coming October 8, includes free bag

The Capcom Essentials bundle, which packages together five games, is coming on October 8 for $59.99. Capcom confirmed the price and date yesterday, and threw in a travel bag to boot.

The announcement shows off the included games and packaging. As previously reported, the bundle includes Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2, Super Street Fighter 4, Mega Man 10, and Resident Evil 6. Capcom points out that picking up Super SF4 on the cheap gives you a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter 4 when it releases.

It's worth noting that Resident Evil 6, which got lackluster reviews and sold poorly, is the only game in the set that isn't at least three years old. Capcom chose to include it as the Resident Evil representation rather than RE5, which actually came out around the same time as the rest of the set. So apparently it's essential that Capcom clears out some stock.