Forza 5 Limited Edition offers VIP membership and more for $80

You like cars? You want cars? You want Forza Motorsport 5 with loads of cars? You can get more zoomers in the Xbox One racer by scooping the Day One Edition (a free upgrade) or the $80 Limited Edition, Microsoft announced today. If you just want a few extra cars without paying extra, the Day One Edition is a free upgrade which gets you three cars with Xbox One Day One liveries. The Day One and Limited Edition packs' cars aren't new, mind--they're simply customized versions of cars found in the full game. But if you're willing to cough up an extra $20, the LE comes in a shiny Steelbook case, which also packs some window decals for Forza 5, Xbox One and Audi to tart up your car/bedroom. Game-wise, it offers 1,250 car tokens (worth $10, MS says), a 'Limited Edition Car Pack' with five custom-tuned cars decked out in Xbox One livery, the Day One cars too, and VIP Membership. "Ooh, what's VIP Membership?" you may ask. Otherwise costing $20, it offers double XP gain, "access to exclusive multiplayer events," unspecified in-game "gifts", and another five custom cars. Both editions are up for pre-order now, ahead of a launch alongside the Xbox One in November. One imagine supplies of the Day One edition aren't intended to last for long after the system launches. Check the announcement for more on exactly which car comes with what and whatnot.

The LE features far more bullet points than the other versions