Call of Duty: Ghosts will not launch with microtransactions

Call of Duty: Ghosts is said to feature over 20,000 different options to customize your multiplayer character. Many of these customizable items will be cosmetic, which, of course, raises the possibility of microtransactions. But unlike Black Ops 2, it doesn't appear that Ghosts will sell any of those cosmetic goodies--at least not at launch.

"At this point right now, all the stuff we're talking about is all stuff that will be on the game disc," Activision senior producer Yale Miller told Shacknews. "There are going to be a few premium items tied to the Prestige Edition and a few retail exclusives, but the vast majority are going to be via Squad points. You play, you earn XP, you'll unlock it."

There are a few items that will be off-limits, but rather than have players pay real money for them, Activision will give players a chance to win them in-game. "There are also a few things that are not going to be available and the only way you'll get them is by winning a Clan War," added Miller. Some of these winnable items will get passed along, with Miller likening them to the Stanley Cup. "Some of those things, you'll hold onto and be able to rock until the next Clan War."