Call of Duty engine blamed for lack of female fighters (until now)

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the first game in the franchise that lets you play as a female soldier. According to Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin, tech was to blame for the all-male roster so far.

"Our previous engine would not handle that," he told Kotaku. "The way memory worked in the previous engine, it never would have been able to do that. When we got a chance to re-tool the engine completely, that gave us the opportunity to make the change that we could have character customization. That then gave us the opportunity to do female characters."

Of course, Ghosts uses a "next-gen engine," according to Activision.

With tech no longer being a limiting factor, it simply made sense for Ghosts to offer female playable characters, Activision senior producer Yale Miller told Shacknews. "I think it makes sense. There are females in the military, there are females in combat, so when they went down the path of having character customization, it just made sense to have female characters. Obviously, I've been asked the question on previous games, like Black Ops 2, 'Are you going to put a girl in the game?' from both female gamers and female military. It makes sense. They're in combat, so if you're making soldiers, you should be able to make a female soldier."