Chivalry adds character customisation as sales pass 1.2 million

Multiplayer murderfest Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is pretty popular around these parts, and apparently other folks on the Internet like it too. It's sold over 1.2 million copies in the nine months since it launched, developer Torn Banner Studios announced this week. And all those warriors can be prettier than ever, as a new patch has added character customisation.

Obviously not every copy was sold at the $24.99 ticket price, as it is frequently discounted, but that's still pretty impressive for a game that was (fun fact!) spawned from a mod.

Chivalrous players can now try on different helms, and customise their tabards, crests and shields with different colours and colours. The big announcement has some pretty pictures of pretty warmen, as well as a big picture with some numbers.

For example: the most players online at any one time was 23,233. And did you know that around 38% of copies sold were bought in the United States? I did, because I looked at the picture.

As well as the customisation jazz, the patch also improved the server browser--making it less likely to overload routers--tweaked the balance a little, and fixed some bugs.