Football Manager 2014 coming to PC, Mac, and Linux

Instead of merely shouting at the TV regarding bad soccer plays, you'll once again be able to prove your point this year with Football Manager 2014. Sega officially announced the simulation, and claimed this year's installment would include more than 1,000 changes over last year's.

Some of the most significant additions are occurring outside the simulation, like cloud saving and Steam Workshop tools to create and share custom content. Within the sim, you can look forward to more realistic transfers and contracts, more complex interactions between staff and players, an improved 3D match engine, and a full overhaul of the simulated tactics. Developer Sports Interactive is promising 1,000 changes in all.

"Our unchanging goal in the development of the Football Manager series is to deliver the most authentic and immersive simulation of real-world football management wherever you may be in the world," said director Miles Jacobson, in the announcement. "Players can now take charge of their team anywhere they can access a home computer, and with huge improvements to existing features plus the addition of loads of new stuff, can have the best Football Manager experience to date while doing so."

This year's installment will also expand to Linux. It's due for Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime before the holidays. Pre-ordering will grant you a beta version of the game, available two weeks prior to the official release. Progress from that beta will carry over into the full game.