Foul Play for PC and Xbox 360 offers gentlemanly brawling

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 14, 2013 9:30am PDT

Yes, yes we're very quaint here in England. Top hats, monocles, all of that, everywhere (or in trendy East London where I live, anyway). Continuing the stereotype we titter at knowing the world believes, Mediatonic is bringing gentlemanly side-scrolling fighting to PC and Xbox 360 with Foul Play on September 18.

All the world's a stage, said that Shakespeare chap we've definitely all met, including this game, as it's masquerading as a play about hunting monsters being performed in a Victorian theatre.

See, you're famed demon hunter Baron Dashforth starring in a show about his life, and will need to please the audience by beating seven shades of heck out of the actors playing villains. It also has two-player co-op including Dashforth's sidekick, Scampwick.

Foul Play is due on PC and Xbox Live Arcade on September 18. Hit the official site for more.

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