Endless racer Race the Sun lights up next week

We've seen hordes of endless runners zipping about since Canabalt launched four years ago, but most look very similar to each other. So come, look, see Race the Sun, a 3D "endless racer" which sees your solar-powered ship trying to stay in the light of the setting sun.

Developer Flippfly today announced it'll launch for PC, Mac and Linux on August 19.

Race the Sun will have you racing through abstract procedurally-generated worlds, trying not to crash, avoiding everything from skyscrapers and pyramids to falling bombs and roaming blocks. It also boasts asynchronous relay co-op, and an editor to make your own worlds.

If that tickles your fancy, you can download a beta build by signing up, or pre-order for $10.

Here's a trailer showing off Apocalypse, "a new mode for the most devoutly masochistic":