Virtual reality treadmill pre-orders open at $499

Oculus Rift is cool and all, but you're largely staying stationary while you play, leading to some disconnect between what your eyes see and what your body feels. There's a treadmill catered to solve just that problem, and it will be available for a cool $499.

The Omni Natural Motion Interface treadmill (via GameSpot) is expected to ship in March 2014. It includes the treadmill, shoes, belt, tracking hardware, and SDK. It's intended to work in tandem with the Oculus Rift, letting you turn naturally and walk or run through game environments since it's omnidirectional. Big-spenders could go for the $1019 package, which includes two treadmills and throws in a third pair of the socks. These prices don't include shipping, which will be calculated when it's ready to roll out.

The device's Kickstarter ran in June, raising $1.1 million--far above its $150,000 funding goal.