Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ adds four new courses, coming September

You may have missed it during the hubbub of E3, but Namco Bandai announced a "Plus" version of its excellent arcade revamp, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. A new patch will update the console versions to support "improved leaderboard functionality, in-game achievements, and medals." But the biggest draw of Plus is additional content you'll be able to buy as DLC.

When Plus launches, you'll be able to get four new courses, three new skins, and two new music tracks. Here's what's new, according to Namco Bandai:

New Courses:

  • BIG EATER COURSE: A new challenge with more ghosts on screen that you can eat and in which it will be vital to manage your way out while still powered-up.

  • MOUNTAIN COURSE: A technical mountain-like course in which ghosts might take shortcuts to catch up with you.

  • CHAMPIONSHIP III & HIGHWAY II COURSES: Highly popular Highway and Championship II maps redesigned for an increased challenge in which using bombs strategically will be crucial to beat top scores.

New Skins:

  • RALLY-X SET: PAC-MAN’s automotive makeover! New skins, characters and BGM that will turn all your courses into Rally-X races.

  • DIG DUG SET: Dig Dug tries it Pac-man style! New skins, characters and BGM that will turn all your courses into Dig Dug adventures.

  • PAC IS BACK SET: Transport all your courses into the world of "PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures"!

New BGM:

  • PAC STEPS BGM: Enjoy new organic-sounding music centered on real instruments or electronic music built around distorted synth tracks.

  • RE-ENTRANCE BGM: PAC-MAN CE DX main menu "ENTRANCE" remixed and extended version now playable during the races.

These add-ons can be purchased in one "All You Can Eat" pack, included with pre-orders of the PC version of the game. According to Steam, it's breaking Windows 8 exclusivity in late September.