X Rebirth blasting off into absurdly detailed space on November 19

X Rebirth may be arriving two years later than planned but oh me oh my it certainly has used that extra time well. Developer Egosoft has announced its latest sandbox space sim will launch on November 19, and dropped a hot trailer showing the sim is so detailed, you can get out your ship and crawl around ducts on space stations.

"After seven years in development, people are naturally wondering why X Rebirth took so much time," Egosoft head Bernd Lehahn said in yesterday's announcement. He explained:

The reason for this is the sheer scope of our project. We not only want our universe to be huge, we want it to be huge and teeming with life. To me, the success of the Star Citizen funding shows that many people are waiting for our kind of game. A single factory compound in X Rebirth may consist of hundreds of buildings, some of which are so large that ships measuring kilometers in length can dock inside them. The player can even disembark in order to explore the station and meet its inhabitants.

While the sim may be astonishingly complex, Egosoft is trying to simply the series' notoriously hostile interface and controls. Look, you can even play Rebirth on a controller.

Oh, and Oculus Rift support is "likely."

Look, look at this. Listen to this man explain how every ship and factory complex block plays an actual part in the sim, and watch him explore space stations. Be awfully impressed.