EA says LGBT inclusivity is good for business

While being inclusive may sound like an entirely social agenda, it's quite friendly to capitalism too. EA employees spoke about LGBT issues in games at GaymerX over the weekend, and said that appealing to a broader audience doesn't hurt the bottom line.

David Gaider, a narrative lead at BioWare, cited Dragon Age 2's same-sex romance options as an example. He says they didn't feel the inclusion affected sales at all, because at the very least it was a wash between pro- and anti-LGBT fans. "Say a fan said on the forums they weren't going to pick it up because they were offended," said Gaider. "Another fan would say they bought the game because they heard it had that feature. That's the sort of language companies listen to."

Community manager Jessica Merizan pointed out that the executives in charge aren't bigots, just capitalists. "Not only are they capitalists, they're copycats," Gaider told the audience (via Gamasutra). "Nothing is going to change so quickly as when some indie game breaks out and sells so many copies." For this reason, the panel encouraged fans to vote with their wallets, putting money into inclusive indie games and abstaining from buying games that may encourage a more close-minded agenda.