Rayman Legends for Wii U to include Mario & Luigi costumes

Hey Nintendo fans, stop feeling so betrayed by Ubisoft's decision to delay Rayman Legends on your platform. Sure, it may no longer be exclusive to your console, but it's clear that the game is still best played co-op with the GamePad. And like so many other third-party games on the platform, Ubisoft is channeling the power of first-party collaboration. Yes, you'll be able to play the game with Mario & Luigi costumes. Do you feel less betrayed, bitter Nintendo fan? (And, this sure as heck beats the confusing pre-order bonus the Wii U version gets.) BOOM video 15792 Ubisoft has been aggressive in trying to make good with Nintendo fans since the game's delay. The console currently enjoys an exclusive demo that is updated with weekly with new levels and challenges.

How can you not love this?