PSA: 3DS firmware update adds StreetPass 'Relay Points'

A new 3DS firmware update has been released, adding the promised StreetPass functionality that untethers you from virtually fist-bumping other human beings in person. As Nintendo teased earlier this summer, version 6.2.0-xU can now use "relay points" for easier StreetPass-nabbing.

The official site (via Joystiq) notes that Relay Points will be set at Nintendo Zone locations, the downloadable demo stations that you may have seen in some retail chains, like Best Buy. Those relays will temporarily store a user's data and then pass it along to another 3DS user who visits.

This way, you don't have to rely on having to pass someone physically in the real world for StreetPass content. So even suburban dwellers will be able to get new houses from Animal Crossing: New Leaf simply by visiting their local mall.