PS Vita firmware 2.60 adds easy cloud saves, quick-access settings

When firmware update 2.10 came out, we declared PS Vita complete. No feature was more necessary on Sony's handheld than the ability to make folders. Lo and behold, update 2.60 is out now, and it's far less exciting. (Nothing will ever beat folders, Sony. Nothing.)

So, what's included in this latest system update? The big new feature is for PlayStation Plus users. You'll be able to quickly and easily download and upload cloud data directly from a game's LiveArea card. That's pretty rad.

Other features include being able to quickly access a Settings menu by holding down the PS button. Like on Android and iOS, you'll get a panel that lets you toggle on and off Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

Another new feature is the ability to play music and video content from Vita on a connected PS3 or PC. Open the updated Video and Music app, select a connected device, and then pick which content you want to play.

Finally, there's new video formats supported by the browser, and you can hide your Trophy information if you want to. Here's a video explaining all the newness: