Metal Gear Rising follow-up interest gauged in survey

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was an interesting side step for the Metal Gear series. Back in February, our review expressed hope for a continuation of Raiden's story. It now appears Konami may be looking into such an option.

The publisher has posted a survey (via Polygon) asking fans for their opinions on Raiden's solo adventure. The 20-minute poll extensively asks about the survey-taker's experience and knowledge of Revengeance, including what aspects of the game (mechanics, narrative elements, boss battles, etc.) they did or didn't like. The survey then gauges interest in a possible follow-up, asking what elements players would be interested in seeing, like the game's overall tone, setting, and human-ness of foes.

Those interested in seeing more of Raiden's story may want to weigh in on this survey. With enough interest, Konami and Platinum may give fans the Rerevengeance they're hoping for.