Betrayer: a black and white FPS from former F.E.A.R. devs

Blackpowder Games features six of the "key people" that helped develop F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever at Monolith. They have a new game due on August 14th: a black and white first-person shooter set in a haunted, early colonial-era Virginia.

Betrayer sounds a bit like Far Cry, with its open world and bow & arrow, to boot. However, its vibe is far more sinister--going for a far more horror feel than Ubisoft's game.

"Betrayer washes you ashore in the New World in 1604, where you’re expecting to join a struggling English colony on the Virginia coast. Instead you find only ghosts and mysteries in a land drained of color and life. You’ll build up an arsenal of weaponry including muskets, crossbows and throwing axes, collecting untold treasures along the way. Chart your own course through an untamed wilderness teeming with danger and discovery as you search for survivors and unravel the colony’s many mysteries," the game's official PR pitch details.

PC Gamer has a hands-on preview, if you want to read some of the finer details about the project. Betrayer will be available on Steam Early Access on the 14th. Here's the trailer:

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