Weekend Confirmed 176 - Shadowrun Returns, Bioshock Infinite

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 02, 2013 3:00pm PDT

This week's Weeeknd Confirmed opens with host Garnett Lee welcoming in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Nikole Zivalich to briefly discuss Nintendo's recent financials and where the company goes from here. Discussion turns to Shadowrun Returns and Bioshock Infinite's newly-announced DLC offerings. And in the second hour, it's the return of the king. The newly-engaged Jeff Cannata returns from the land of kangaroos and wallabies to tell tales of his time in Australia and go right back to loving to love things. The four-person crew takes a quick look at the state of gaming journalism before sending you into the weekend with a new cornucopia of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 176: 8/2/2013

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  • So I have been listening to the Weekend Confirmed podcast for over 50 episodes. I really enjoy listening to the show: you guys usually have really good discussions, in addition to talking about games. That being said, however, this is probably only the second or third time I have ever felt moved enough to post a comment/e-mail a radio show or podcast, ever.

    For some reason, Garnett, your fleeting comments about the Angry Joe Show seemed to catch me off guard. I've been watching his reviews for a while now, and all I can think of while watching them is "This 'Angry Joe' isn't very angry..." He only seems to do the "Angry bit" (if you want to call it that) on games that are truly worth getting upset over. For example, he ranted and raged about a game called "Mind Jack," and showed clips of enemy AI running into walls. It makes sense that you would be legitimately upset if you paid good money for a game with broken AI. Ironically enough, Garnett and Angry Joe talk about games in identical ways. It's not as if Angry Joe just turns on the camera and goes, "Hey guys, I played Aliens: Colonial Marines, and it was utter horseshit! 3/10! End of Review!" He gives plenty of reasons why he likes/dislikes a game, just like a actual game reviewer would on Shacknews. If you watch his reviews of games like Skyrim, Metro: Last Light, or Injustice, he gives them all really good scores. He does not hate on a game simply because it is considered funny or cool to do so.

    So, to call Joe's show "disgusting," but pass of Marcus initially as "that's just Marcus being Marcus." Well, doesn't that seem kind of biased, or am I overreacting? Or maybe I'm biased for being a fan of Angry Joe's videos? Both may well be true.

    I'm not try to be a dick or accuse you of anything, but have you actually watched a few of Joe's reviews? I know you only made like two brief comments about it, but it really sounded like you were simply aware of the show rather than having knowledge of it's content. For instance, I have never listened to Marcus's podcast, and unless I listen to it, I won't really know if he is truly an annoyed gamer. Needless to say, I can make an assumption based on the title, but it obviously doesn't make it true.

    I'm being honest when I say I don't mean to offend you guys; I do understand how it is, but it really bugs me when people make comments where it just sounds like they are throwing something at the wall and hoping that it sticks, whether or not they really know or not. It was simply how I took what you said, and I hope you don't take what I said negatively, as it was not my intent.

  • I cannot understand how it can EVEN be suggested that Nintendo goes Sega's way - as Jeff did - again...

    Did you even compare the financials between Nintendo and Sega at the time of the Dreamcast ?

    Nintendo has 10 BILLION in cash !!!

    This alone should send a clear message that Nintendo won't go anytime soon out of the hardware business.

    It's really tiring to see the videogames journalists play the doom situation again and again, when NOTHING can even back it up.

    Nintendo made profits during the GC era !

    Nintendo made profits despite the Wii U sales !!!

    And people keep throwing that stupid stuff around ?

  • On the topic of movie trailers and teasers being executed both poorly and in excellence, I would like to draw everyone's attention to what I believe to be the greatest teaser/trailer ever created:

    The Legend of Korra Season 2 trailer

    This trailer succeeded in a way that I did not think was possible. Before seeing this trailer, I have constantly found myself being unsatisfied with the length of teaser trailers, and just like Jeff, also being disappointed with the completely unnecessary amount of spoiler infested information being given by many of the current movie trailers. The trailer for Korra not only gave me that unsatisfied thirst that comes from the small sip of a teaser trailer, but I felt that the two minutes of mixed footage gave me so much to be excited about, yet gave absolutely nothing crucial about the story away!

    Now I am sure that if I were to slowly go through the video, pausing occasionally to dissect the information being shown, there would be something spoiled for me. However after the first watch it was enough. This trailer keeps me satisfied and unsatisfied in a way I previously believed was unreachable by simply watching a trailer. It finds the perfect balance.

    And to me, that is the magic of this trailer. (Plus the awesome music only decision creates the perfect atmosphere)

  • @Garnett, i have to say, I've loved and listened to your show for years now, from 1-up to Weekend confirmed, and though many times over they years I've wanted to write in an participate, it wasn't until this past episode that I had too.

    Question: Why is it that everyone in the games press is now trying to push for Idie games (an all digital medium), but were seeming against internet DRM and for physical media?

    This past show, you and your panel went on and on about the role of media in the games business, and the negativity that has surrounded you guys for so many years brought on seemingly by publishers and developers, and how they blame you for (at least some of) the "bad press" that their products get. Honestly, I had never really paid any attention to this before, but it wasn't until Microsoft Xbox One announced and when they started to detail their policies and features for it, did I see the enthusiast press go bonkers and show their real power.

    In less than a week after the MS announcements, it seemed as though the entire games media turned on what they had been spouting for years (the needed change in used game distribution, and more "fairness" to the developers), and started going on and on about how MS changing to a more digital platform, but still embracing physical media (using DRM for their console), was trying to rip off consumers. What first began as nay sayers talking about their issues with MS and their policies, turned into the entire Internet doing one of its biggest trolls ever, and the media egging them on and whole heartedly participating.

    IGN.com, GameSpot.com, even Shacknews and so many others sites, just published story after story for no other purpose than to "feed the trolls" and get hits, never once trying to delve deeper into the story and get the facts and piece together the truth. And while I'd never say that MS didn't bring on much of their negative response themselves (there PR was horendous), there were many independent gamers who saw what MS was doing, looked for and heard the pros and cons of what they were proposing, and liked where MS was/is going...but the media never told that story.

    After the policy change there were a few stories around the net that strived to detail the "good stuff" that MS had "taken away" in order to go backwards and make there Next Gen console more like there last gen console, but (as I hope you can tell from my quotations) those stories were framed in a somewhat negative spin for what ever reason.

    I get that the Internet is filled with opinionated people, and that its always going to be the negative/sensational stuff that is what boils to the top and gets the most attention more often than not. It is just that (at least IMO) the media should strive to be better than that, especially the big and influencial sites as you have so much sway within your audience. Whether you are trying to get atttention/hits with your views and headlines, or just trying to be "yourself", the media has a very important role and IMO should be as professional and moderate as possible to not color the facts.

    In an effort to close and not ramble on to much more, I guess what I'm trying to say overall is that until recently I had seen (or tried to see) the games press as an impartial and balanced body who talked about/rated games...but now I can only say that the games press is whole heartedly bias (to what you like and dislike), and that you guy DO have a say in what is and isn't seen as good or bad. The games press (as a whole) is seemingly trying to straddle the line of critic and consumer, and IMO I'd say that you have to chose one way or the other.

    Either you be the professional media go between for the consumer and publisher, or you be the "joe plumber" Youtube-er who has an opinion. Being both cannot be as you can't say to the pubs/devs that "what we say doesn't mean anything," and at the same time your saying to millions of gamers, "read what I say as I'm relevant."

  • I've only just finished this ep and I'm ready to throw in my two cents about negativity towards game developers.

    I was in a creative industry for over a decade. I was a public figure and my art put food on the table for my wife and kids. It's true you get a LOT of hate. It's not the really obnoxious stuff that hurts, it's the small stuff. I remember one critic in particular wrote positively about something I was involved with but said something particularly harsh and not very thoughtful about my contribution. It still hurts to this day. The one thing I wanted was basic human respect. I thought critics had a right to criticize as long as it was done in decency.

    But here's the ugly truth.

    I quit my industry so my family could have more stability and my kids weren't always travelling around the planet and could go to school. In a sense I got a haircut and got a real job. Let me tell you this, nothing can compare to the abuse and hate you receive working in retail. I think back to how I felt about having a critic saying something negative about me and all I can think of 'wow, you were offended by that? How cute' Working in retail can be a nightmare! I actually quit after I had an angry customer bail me (and several female customers) up behind a counter, threatening to kill me and screaming "YOU FUCKING DOG". I can remember his black, almost toothless gums because he began spitting on me. I had criminal charges bought against him. In that job I was the nicest and friendliest person and most people treated me well but a small percentage swore, yelled and threatened me. Some people treated me like absolute garbage.

    I'm not trying to say that game developers or games journalists have it easy. But the problem is not unique to creative industries. I have a friend who works at a doctors surgery and they have greater horror stories than mine. Being criticized and even abused is a human problem in general no matter what walk of life you're in. At least in my creative days, the hate I got was matched with love and appreciation. When you have fans asking for your autograph it kinda offsets the hate a little. People in the real world don't get that luxury.

    I don't really know what the point of this rant is, but I'll quote Bill and Ted and just say "be excellent to each other". When you're on the internet, try and talk to people like they're physically standing in front of you.

    Anyways, I'm studying to be a school teacher now. Fuck retail!

  • Hey Garnett, something you said really confused me.

    In regards to Dragon's Crown, you suggested that people who are offended by it simply avoid it. Which I wholeheartedly agree with. I'm a big fan of freedom of choice and I hate it when someone comes into my hobby and tells me I can't enjoy something because they're personally offended by it. I personally find games like Dragon's Crown offensive but I'm not at all bothered by its existence one bit. If it's not harming anyone, I don't have a problem someone else enjoying it.

    So how is this any different from the Dead Island sexualised zombie torso?

    I personally found it obscene but I was not at all bothered by its existence and I didn't feel like it was harming anyone so I was really surprised that people made a real fuss about it that ended with the publishers retracting it. I personally wrote about it here on these boards, saying that if people were offended by it, they should simply avoid it and not buy it but almost everyone, yourself included, felt it was a shameful thing.

    I'm legitimately wondering why you feel differently about two seemingly similar issues. I'm not asking hypothetically trying to call you out, I'm legitimately curious about this. You know I love you guys so please don't interpret the tone of this post as sharp or accusatory, I'm just curious.

    Looking forward to the next episode, have a top day.

  • This podcast is honestly guilty of being overly negative towards popular games.

    I found it interesting when Indie Jeff said something along the lines of how there seems to be this mentality of how people seem to think it is cool to be negative or have this feeling of superiority for not liking whatever the majority likes. While Garnett seemed to take offense to this, I was actually thinking of him as one of the people in the games media who seems to frequently hate on game that are popular (even when he hasn't played them).

    The most recent example of him hating on a game he hasn't played was just last week we had to listen to Garnett troll Andrea for being enthusiastic about the upcoming Disney Infinity game. Garnett was talking to Andrea like she was an idiot for being excited about a game that she actually played, and he knew very little of. Garnett has done this many times with many other people on the show over the years, and when things like this happen, I actually can see why some game companies feel like the games media is out to get them.

    Over the years we have seen Garnett frequently hate on widely popular games such as Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim, while at the same time rave about games that the majority seem to find bad like Binary Domain and Remember Me. We all have games that we think are overrated and underrated, but when Garnett hates on the Popular games and champions mediocre games on such a frequent basis, it seems like it is being done deliberately instead of honestly.

    Even when Garnett likes a popular game (recent examples being Last of Us and Tomb Raider), it seems like he throws out at least 5 negatives for every one positive. I don't mind the criticism at all, I just feel that there is a problem when the balance is so far towards the negative.

    I also hate it when people come on the show to hate on games and there is not even a discussion, we just need to sit there and listen to people hate on games even when I know other members of the show disagree. I know you guys did not hate Uncharted 3 because you guys were overall positive when it came out, so why do we need to listen to Andrew trash the game without any counter discussion? Same thing happened when we had to listen to Spicer completely trash Bioshock Infinite with no counter discussion. I also know people on the podcast liked Saints Row the 3rd, but no one countered Garnett trashing on the game. I understand sometimes you want to listen to what someone has been playing and their opinions, but when it is all trashing and negative with no counter discussion, that is not a good show in my opinion.

    I really used to Love this show, and despite my complaints it still is my favorite gaming podcasts most weeks, but in my opinion the show used to be so much better, and can be again with less hating on games (that even approached trolling at times) and more balanced discussion.

  • I just finished listening to this episode today and felt like I needed to reply on the topic of negative communication on the internet.

    Garnett, I've listened to your podcasts since the days of 1up Yours but I've never once written to you or commented on any of the shows. In fact, I created this account on Shack News just today in order to leave this comment. 2NIT, I watched TRS for quite awhile as well.

    I'm sorry you guys have to go through such, for the lack of a better fitting word, bullshit. I'm with you. I think the prevailing attitude of the internet is absolutely atrocious. Things need to change. Up until now I've just outright avoided joining online communities unless someone I know personally was involved in them, just to avoid having that hatred pointed at me as you guys do. I commend you for putting up with it for all these years, and continuing to put yourself out there for those of us who truly appreciate your work.

    Even though we've never spoken, I feel like I know you guys on a personal level. You've been in my ears for all of the most important moments of my life: before my college graduation, the ride to the hospital for the birth of my daughter, my wedding day... You guys have made my life fun!

    So I felt like I needed to say something nice to you guys because I never knew how much shit you really take. From now on, I'll join Jeff in his crusade to fix the internet! I'll no longer sit on the sidelines and just watch someone be an asshole. I'll do my best to say something nice to that person when I see it. Maybe somehow I'll get through to them and they'll pay it forward.

  • As a quick add-on to what lots of others have said - thanks for a great show last week. The message of sending out positive remarks (and respectful negatives, on occasion) is a much needed one.

    I also just wanted to let the show, and Garnett in particular, know that I love hearing about older games that you're going back to. I, for one, certainly cannot keep up with new game release schedules - I have neither the time nor the money to invest in all the latest games. Hearing what you are going back to play can be an excellent inspiration for me to do the same, and often those games are now less expensive to procure. So, whatever you're currently playing, old or new, keep talking about it!

    Thanks for everything you guys (and gals) are putting out on the webs.

  • It sounded like you guys take the terrible abuse people spew at you really hard and I can only imagine your level of exposure to that as your jobs involve you being plugged in to the internet daily. Because of this, I want to say that I love this show - I've been listening to a Garnett Lee podcast every weekend since 2006.

    I've been on quite a journey in my life since 2006 and I am really happy and pleased that I had Garnett's podcasts to listen to during that time.

    Currently, WC is my favorite videogame podcast out there and I appreciate all the hard work you all put into it every show. Thanks to all of the voices and the terrific behind the scenes staff (also, Del Rio's I Brought it Here kicks ass)!

    Keep up the good work! Chin up and ignore the hating bullshit - you've got a lot of supporters out there, including myself.

  • Thoughts on Shadowrun Returns
    The world, story, and dialog capture the Shadowrun world very well. The GM text was also a great scene setting touch. The art was also great, looked like stuff you'd see out of a PnP book. They really nailed the Shadowrun setting. The main campaign also felt like it was pulled right from a PnP module. Starts out small and gets more detailed and finally pulled into something big at the end. I've read some comments that the end got a little weird but honestly the ending is pretty straight up Shadowrun stuff.
    The game play itself was pretty basic strategy but still fun. The mix of guns, magic, and drones let you have enough options that things stay interesting. The thing it lacks is the depth of combat and gear. I was disappointed getting the end (and peaking in the editor) that so many spells, guns, gear, and cyberware was missing. A lot of good Shadowrun combat is the set-up. For example if I have thermal cybereyes I'm going to rely on smoke grenades to give me an edge. If I'm a street sam I rely on cyberware to boost how fast I can act. Mages can use spells to distract or fool enemies. All of this is missing and I hope it gets added in at some point. I saw some already created the full gun catalog and modified some abilities with them.
    I was also a little let down by the options given to complete objectives. It was always straight up combat. The game could have really used a stealth mechanic. Shadowruns are supposed to be stealthy.
    The editor is cool and I'd like to try putting something together but to be honest I'm little torn on trying. It's fairly complex and doesn't really lend it self to throwing something together. It seems to me the first try at going from paper to screen will be a long process.