Weekend Confirmed 176 - Shadowrun Returns, Bioshock Infinite

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 02, 2013 3:00pm PDT

This week's Weeeknd Confirmed opens with host Garnett Lee welcoming in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Nikole Zivalich to briefly discuss Nintendo's recent financials and where the company goes from here. Discussion turns to Shadowrun Returns and Bioshock Infinite's newly-announced DLC offerings. And in the second hour, it's the return of the king. The newly-engaged Jeff Cannata returns from the land of kangaroos and wallabies to tell tales of his time in Australia and go right back to loving to love things. The four-person crew takes a quick look at the state of gaming journalism before sending you into the weekend with a new cornucopia of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 176: 8/2/2013

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  • This podcast is honestly guilty of being overly negative towards popular games.

    I found it interesting when Indie Jeff said something along the lines of how there seems to be this mentality of how people seem to think it is cool to be negative or have this feeling of superiority for not liking whatever the majority likes. While Garnett seemed to take offense to this, I was actually thinking of him as one of the people in the games media who seems to frequently hate on game that are popular (even when he hasn't played them).

    The most recent example of him hating on a game he hasn't played was just last week we had to listen to Garnett troll Andrea for being enthusiastic about the upcoming Disney Infinity game. Garnett was talking to Andrea like she was an idiot for being excited about a game that she actually played, and he knew very little of. Garnett has done this many times with many other people on the show over the years, and when things like this happen, I actually can see why some game companies feel like the games media is out to get them.

    Over the years we have seen Garnett frequently hate on widely popular games such as Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim, while at the same time rave about games that the majority seem to find bad like Binary Domain and Remember Me. We all have games that we think are overrated and underrated, but when Garnett hates on the Popular games and champions mediocre games on such a frequent basis, it seems like it is being done deliberately instead of honestly.

    Even when Garnett likes a popular game (recent examples being Last of Us and Tomb Raider), it seems like he throws out at least 5 negatives for every one positive. I don't mind the criticism at all, I just feel that there is a problem when the balance is so far towards the negative.

    I also hate it when people come on the show to hate on games and there is not even a discussion, we just need to sit there and listen to people hate on games even when I know other members of the show disagree. I know you guys did not hate Uncharted 3 because you guys were overall positive when it came out, so why do we need to listen to Andrew trash the game without any counter discussion? Same thing happened when we had to listen to Spicer completely trash Bioshock Infinite with no counter discussion. I also know people on the podcast liked Saints Row the 3rd, but no one countered Garnett trashing on the game. I understand sometimes you want to listen to what someone has been playing and their opinions, but when it is all trashing and negative with no counter discussion, that is not a good show in my opinion.

    I really used to Love this show, and despite my complaints it still is my favorite gaming podcasts most weeks, but in my opinion the show used to be so much better, and can be again with less hating on games (that even approached trolling at times) and more balanced discussion.