Weekend Confirmed 176 - Shadowrun Returns, Bioshock Infinite

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 02, 2013 3:00pm PDT

This week's Weeeknd Confirmed opens with host Garnett Lee welcoming in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Nikole Zivalich to briefly discuss Nintendo's recent financials and where the company goes from here. Discussion turns to Shadowrun Returns and Bioshock Infinite's newly-announced DLC offerings. And in the second hour, it's the return of the king. The newly-engaged Jeff Cannata returns from the land of kangaroos and wallabies to tell tales of his time in Australia and go right back to loving to love things. The four-person crew takes a quick look at the state of gaming journalism before sending you into the weekend with a new cornucopia of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 176: 8/2/2013

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  • @Garnett, i have to say, I've loved and listened to your show for years now, from 1-up to Weekend confirmed, and though many times over they years I've wanted to write in an participate, it wasn't until this past episode that I had too.

    Question: Why is it that everyone in the games press is now trying to push for Idie games (an all digital medium), but were seeming against internet DRM and for physical media?

    This past show, you and your panel went on and on about the role of media in the games business, and the negativity that has surrounded you guys for so many years brought on seemingly by publishers and developers, and how they blame you for (at least some of) the "bad press" that their products get. Honestly, I had never really paid any attention to this before, but it wasn't until Microsoft Xbox One announced and when they started to detail their policies and features for it, did I see the enthusiast press go bonkers and show their real power.

    In less than a week after the MS announcements, it seemed as though the entire games media turned on what they had been spouting for years (the needed change in used game distribution, and more "fairness" to the developers), and started going on and on about how MS changing to a more digital platform, but still embracing physical media (using DRM for their console), was trying to rip off consumers. What first began as nay sayers talking about their issues with MS and their policies, turned into the entire Internet doing one of its biggest trolls ever, and the media egging them on and whole heartedly participating.

    IGN.com, GameSpot.com, even Shacknews and so many others sites, just published story after story for no other purpose than to "feed the trolls" and get hits, never once trying to delve deeper into the story and get the facts and piece together the truth. And while I'd never say that MS didn't bring on much of their negative response themselves (there PR was horendous), there were many independent gamers who saw what MS was doing, looked for and heard the pros and cons of what they were proposing, and liked where MS was/is going...but the media never told that story.

    After the policy change there were a few stories around the net that strived to detail the "good stuff" that MS had "taken away" in order to go backwards and make there Next Gen console more like there last gen console, but (as I hope you can tell from my quotations) those stories were framed in a somewhat negative spin for what ever reason.

    I get that the Internet is filled with opinionated people, and that its always going to be the negative/sensational stuff that is what boils to the top and gets the most attention more often than not. It is just that (at least IMO) the media should strive to be better than that, especially the big and influencial sites as you have so much sway within your audience. Whether you are trying to get atttention/hits with your views and headlines, or just trying to be "yourself", the media has a very important role and IMO should be as professional and moderate as possible to not color the facts.

    In an effort to close and not ramble on to much more, I guess what I'm trying to say overall is that until recently I had seen (or tried to see) the games press as an impartial and balanced body who talked about/rated games...but now I can only say that the games press is whole heartedly bias (to what you like and dislike), and that you guy DO have a say in what is and isn't seen as good or bad. The games press (as a whole) is seemingly trying to straddle the line of critic and consumer, and IMO I'd say that you have to chose one way or the other.

    Either you be the professional media go between for the consumer and publisher, or you be the "joe plumber" Youtube-er who has an opinion. Being both cannot be as you can't say to the pubs/devs that "what we say doesn't mean anything," and at the same time your saying to millions of gamers, "read what I say as I'm relevant."

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