EverQuest Next needs to be 'kickass on PC first,' before considering PS4 port

EverQuest Next truly impressed when it was officially unveiled at SOE Live today. While it's currently planned for PC only, it seems inevitable that a PS4 port will be announced. It is developed by Sony, after all. And SOE's other ForgeLight-powered MMO, PlanetSide 2, is already coming to Sony's next-gen console.

"We need to make sure that it's a kickass game on PC before we do anything else," EverQuest franchise director Dave Georgeson told Shacknews. "We're going to nail down all our questions and design and everything like that so that it's a really good game. Then we'll talk about other platforms."

One thing that will help in the inevitable transition to PS4 is how controller-friendly the game is shaping up to be--a happy accident discovered by the development team. "It was never our intent to make a controller friendly game," Georgeson said. "But when we decided to minimize the number of buttons you can use to just one hotbar, it almost accidentally becomes controller friendly."

"That'll be a cool thing if and when we get to it," Georgeson said, adding a wink. "The fact that it doubles for controllers is just a bonus."

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