Gone Home puts out the welcome mat on August 15

Interaction enthusiasts: you have a fortnight to practice rummaging in drawers, reading other people's letters, and finding audiodiaries, as explore 'em up Gone Home has been dated for August 15.

Fun facts: developer The Fullbright Company was founded by three of the folks behind BioShock 2's splendid Minerva's Den DLC; and, though I am clearly a monster, I cried playing Gone Home.

Gone Home builds on the environmental storytelling and poking-around of games like BioShock and Deus Ex, but strips out the man-murdering and sets it in an American family home in 1995. You poke around, uncovering secrets and figuring out exactly what happened. It beautifully tells a fascinating and intimate story, hence monster tears.

The announcement notes that it'll cost $19.99, DRM-free or on Steam, and won't have a demo.

Hit the official site for more, and check out this fine Interacting: