EverQuest Next Landmark launches this year, focused on creation

EverQuest Next won't be available this year. However, players will be able to get an early taste of SOE's next-gen Norrath through EverQuest Next Landmark. The free-to-play spin-off game gives players access to the same building tools SOE is using to make the full EverQuest Next. Similar to Minecraft, players will be able to lay down bricks to create 3D objects. However, Landmark takes things a step further by letting players use bricks of any size, and smooth things to ensure objects created with the editor look more organic.

Unlike Minecraft, you can make spheres in EQN

When jumping into Landmark, players will be able to explore a procedurally generated continent. As they explore, they'll be able to drop a flag and claim an area as their own. From there, you can build whatever you'd like--but you'll need to find resources. That means exploring the world, breaking through the crust, and congregating at hubs, sharing and trading with other players. Even in this pseudo "trial" game, Landmark features many of the social aspects one would expect in a MMO. Player Studio will be central to the experience, and most excitingly, creations made in Landmark can appear in the full EverQuest Next on day one. As a result, SOE president John Smedley calls EQN "the most openly developed game ever made," promising that the Roadmap developed for Planetside 2 was merely a "test bed" for community interaction. "What we're doing with EverQuest Next is going all the way," Smedley said. BOOM video 15771