ESRB ratings getting visual tweak

ESRB ratings will get a slight tweak later this year. In fact, you might not even notice the change unless you squint.

The updated logos are cleaner, feature less text, and are easier to read. The ratings bureau didn't want to change too much, because it's a system that works, ESRB president Patricia Vance said. They're "familiar symbols parents have come to recognize and trust."

So why did the ESRB decide to change these ratings in the first place? Because of mobile phones. "As our ratings are increasingly used in digital environments we've recognized the need to tweak them so they'd display a bit more clearly, especially on smaller screens like mobile devices," Vance explained to Polygon. "So, for example, removing the small 'Content Rated By' text just helped create a cleaner look without losing any of the symbol's meaning."

The icons will take effect "immediately," but it will obviously take time for publishers and retails to make the transition.