Dragon's Prophet MMO launching on September 18

Runewaker's free-to-play dragon-riding MMORPG Dragon's Prophet will officially launch for PC on September 18, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has announced. It's currently in open beta testing so you can play it now if you really want, but it's reportedly a bit wonky so you may want to wait until everything's properly ready.

The MMO's big selling point is that you can capture, train and ride the oodles of dragons abound in the world, but beyond that it's, well, a free-to-play MMORPG. You know what to expect.

Still, seeing as it is free, there's no real harm in loading it up, seeing the sights, and frolicking with dragons until the novelty wears off. I'm increasingly keen on the idea of treating F2P MMOs as little digital vacations, seeing a few interesting things before departing. No, they may not hook you for weeks, months or years, but does that really matter?

Hit the official site for more info, and here's a new trailer celebrating the date announcement:

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