More than 20 indie games expected for Wii U this year

Nintendo may be quieter than its competitors regarding indie development. However, Nintendo's business development manager, Dan Adelman, notes that Nintendo is actively seeking indie talent for its platforms. In fact, he expects to see 20 to 30 indie titles pop up on the Wii U before the holiday season.

Adelman tells Joystiq that the influx in indie titles can be credited to Nintendo relaxing many of the rules for becoming an Authorized Developer. "Our guiding philosophy is that if you're able to make games on Nintendo platforms, we want to help make sure that you can do that on our systems," he said. "Our primary consideration is an ability to make a game. You don't have to have a record of published titles, or have to have worked at a large company in the past. If you're actively working on a game, that should be sufficient."

Once indie titles begin populating the eShop in greater numbers, expect them to also be featured prominently on its front page. "As more and more content comes in, I'm expecting that's just going to take up a larger share of the available real estate on the screen," Adelman added.