inFamous: Second Son trailer really likes explosions

If you play video games, there's a fair chance you enjoy cool explosions and particle effects, but inFamous: Second Son developer Sucker Punch may like them more even more than you.

"Instead of just chooo-powkk! it's actually bwrrrooo!" explains one dev in a 'behind-the-scenes' trailer about new hero Delsin's smoke powers. "Fssssh whooooa!" adds another.

Yes, Deslin can adsorb powers of other superpeople, and the first he gets are based upon smoke. Which are, naturally, recharged by smoke. Which is produced by, among other things, cars on fire. Which you can blow up to make them be on fire. It's a vicious and very pretty cycle. And apparently turning into smoke and ash is quite handy for man-killing too, Sucker Punch explains.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive is slated to launch some time from January to March 2014.

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