Guild Wars 2 ushers in 'Queen's Jubilee' August 6

Guild Wars 2 is celebrating a milestone for their royal family. The Queen's Jubilee update arrives on August 6 and will feature a majestic anniversary, as well as some gladiatorial combat. Are you not entertained?

The Queen's Jubilee update will celebrate ten years of Queen Jennah's reign by taking players via hot air balloon to Divinity's Reach, capital of the human nation of Kryta, for the opening ceremonies. Players will be able to compete in ceremonial combat at the new gladiatorial arena for the queen's amusement, because nothing says "Happy Anniversary!" like a fight to the death.

As part of the two week update schedule, the Queen's Jubilee will also add some new features. Watchwork technology will be added to new crafting recipes, a new account wallet will make accessing currencies across all characters simpler, dungeons will feature new bonus rewards, and players will be able to choose new permanent Finishers. Those looking for an early preview can check out a livestream with ArenaNet on August 5.