Original Wii still outselling Wii U

Depending on how much you love/hate Nintendo, feel free to interpret this as either great news on Wii's ongoing success--or the dire situation Nintendo finds itself in with Wii U. Or both!

In its latest earnings report (PDF), Nintendo revealed that it had shipped 160K Wii U systems worldwide in the past quarter. The original Wii, on the other hand, managed to sell through 210K systems worldwide over the past three months.

Software sales paint an even more distressing picture, with only 1.03 million units of Wii U software shipped throughout the quarter. Wii, on the other hand, managed to push 3.67 million units.

Nintendo (rightfully) blames sluggish Wii U sales on "the release of few key first-party titles this quarter to strongly drive the hardware sales," an issue they plan on rectifying with their upcoming holiday lineup, which includes Super Mario 3D World. "Moreover, Nintendo strives to improve the sales by communicating the compelling nature of our hardware and software to as many people as possible through our new network service called Miiverse," Nintendo told investors.

And while Wii U has a "negative impact" on Nintendo's profits, the company is still in the green, thanks to the profitability of 3DS. Animal Crossing sure knows how to make bells money.