New Humble Bundle includes Saints Row and Dead Island

Humble Bundle went slightly off piste and away from its indie roots with the Humble THQ Bundle, but it turns out getting loads of good video games for little money is broadly pleasant. Today it launched the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, offering the likes of Saints Row: The Third, Sacred 2, Dead Island Riptide and more, depending on how much you fancy paying.

You can pay what you want, above $1, for Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold. Beating the average price will upgrade SR3 to The Full Package (which includes all its DLC) and add Dead Island GotY to the bundle too.

If you splash out and pay $25 or more, you'll also get Dead Island Riptide.

All are Windows-only and require Steam activation. It's not the usual Humble Bundle 'DRM-free, cross-platform' dealio, but hey, it is a load of cheap video games. Though you would already have Saints Row: The Third if you bought the Humble THQ Bundle. The deal runs for two weeks.