Facebook launches Mobile Games Publishing program

Yet another heavyweight is throwing its hat in the mobile games publishing ring. Facebook's 'Mobile Games Publishing' initiative is exactly what it sounds like.

Unlike many publishers, Facebook will work simply as a distributor, promoting partnered games "across a variety of channels." The company will not finance games, nor will it play an "active role" in development. "This is about promotion and finding audiences," Facebook's Dan Morris explained.

Facebook believes that one of the big hurdles facing mobile games is discoverability, and the social network is uniquely positioned to target the right players to the right games. It's "one more way for Facebook to create a path to success," Morris told Gamasutra.

Eight games will participate in Facebook's "pilot program," including industry heavyweight Gameloft's Kingdoms & Lords. However, the goal is to work with "smaller and medium-sized developers" that are "not necessarily very well established."

To participate in the program, developers must take part in a revenue share, terms of which haven't been disclosed. Interested developers can visit Facebook for more info. However, Facebook currently plans on working with "a very limited number of developers."