Assassin's Creed 4 co-op Wolfpack adds new 'Discovery' mode

Co-op multiplayer mode Wolfpack was one of the big additions to Assassin's Creed 3. With AC4, multiplayer developer Ubisoft Annecy plans on taking a "big step," by expanding its co-op offering.

Perhaps the most significant addition to Wolfpack is the new "Discovery" mode, a linear story-based sequence that serves as a tutorial mode for co-op. While Wolfpack was initially added to AC3 to attract gamers that wanted to play online in a non-competitive environment, director Damien Kieken admits that the previous game failed to really introduce players to the rules of the game.

VG247 got hands-on with the updated Wolfpack, which supports up to four players. Once you finish Discovery, you'll be able to move onto the full "Unleashed" offering. The goal is to reach the highest sequence possible, by performing multi-kills and cooperative sync-kills with other players. Along the way, you'll have to defend chests, eliminate disguised enemies, and beat infected opponents.

Here's a video showing off how it all works: