Collateral crowdfunding cyberpunk cab combat

Somewhere between Quarantine, Crazy Taxi, and the movie The Fifth Element lies Collateral, plonking you behind the wheel of a heavily-armed hovercab in an an open-world cyberpunk city. Developer Dancing Dinosaur Games is in the middle of crowdfunding this jolly exciting idea, so come give it some money.

Collateral will have you hovering around the city of New Bedlam, completing missions like heists, chases, deliveries, and assassinations for factions, earning cash to upgrade your taxi. Because you want mines and laser cannons and saws and napalm and other ways to explode hovercars.

The Kickstarter campaign (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun) is only looking for $15,000, and is over half-way there with 13 days left to run. Pledging at least $20 will get you a copy of the finished game, expected to launch in June 2014.

Look, look at this video game: