Nintendo registers new trademark for downloadable Eternal Darkness

Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Eternal Darkness, the classic GameCube horror game. Filed on July 23, the updated trademark covers downloadable games.

Siliconera posits that Nintendo is likely "covering their bases just in case they want to release a Virtual Console version for Wii U." However, as of last year, there were no plans to add GameCube games to Nintendo's download platform.

Nintendo's filing comes amidst an attempt by Precursor Games to make a "spiritual successor" to the game. Shadow of the Eternals recently relaunched their Kickstarter campaign, curiously asking for only $750k versus the original $1.5 million the studio was originally looking for.

It's unlikely that Nintendo has any role in supporting Precursor, given that the game is aiming to launch on PC and PS4 (as a stretch goal). Instead, this seems the more likely scenario: a lawyer at Nintendo read about this game and remembered "hey, we should probably re-register this mark."