HOMM5 dev's MOBA Prime World in open beta

What do you get when the developer behind Heroes of Might & Magic V makes a Dote 'em up? Prime World, a Dota-y, LoL-ish action-RPG with persistent character development and a little bit of building and managing a castle. After a few open beta weekends, it's now in proper full-time open beta testing so you can see for yourself.

Hit the official website to download Prime World's open beta client. Don't confuse it with Prime World: Defenders, a tower defense/collectible card game spin-off released in June.

Prime World has the usual Dota-y lane-pushing action, but with a grand seven modes. Along with plain old PvP, it has PvE and PvPvE maps, rotating through them on a schedule during the open beta. And, you know, you have a a castle. If you've Doted before, here's what's different.

Behold, a new trailer focusing on the PvE side: