Space Hulk cleansing PC and Mac on August 15

Space Hulk will launch for PC and Mac on August 15 at $29.99, developer Full Control has confirmed, with an iPad version later this year. It's a faithful adaptation of Games Workshop's miniatures game, which sends Space Marine Terminators to cleanse drifting abandoned space ships of Tyranid Genestealers.

Space Hulk's single-player recreates the tabletop game's twelve missions from the Sin of Damnation campaign, with an extra three prequel missions on top. It also has competitive multiplayer, which will support cross-platform play between the PC, Mac and iOS editions.

Pre-orders are now open on Steam, offering an exclusive banner pole to hold aloft in multiplayer and a Hive Fleet Kraken skin for the Genestealers.

Once Space Hulk is out, Full Control will start in earnest on Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a "reset" of the turn-based tactical series which narrowly hit its crowdfunding goal.

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