Canabalt dev announces Grave, an arcade game that's 'sort of like Farmville meets Starcraft'

Adam "Atomic" Saltsman, best known for endless runner Canabalt, has announced his next game. According to Saltsman, GRAVE is an arcade game that "doesn't really fit in any existing genre." The best comparison he can give is "it's sort of like Farmville meets Starcraft, or maybe Super Crate Box meets Desktop Dungeons." We're scratching our heads too.

Joining Saltsman is Alec Holowka, best known for making Aquaria. He'll be responsible for the programming and sound, while Holowka will be responsible for the art and design.

It's clear that the game is very much an early work-in-progress, but the duo plan on providing weekly updates on their blog. "The design is still evolving a lot, so in addition to work-in-progress art and music, we'll also be posting about actual game design problems," Saltsman promises.

The pair previously worked on Paper Moon, which you can play right now via Unity.