Weekend Confirmed 175 - Saints Row: The Third, Disney Infinity

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 26, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata is still in the outback, learning to play the didgeridoo. That leaves host Garnett Lee back at the homestead with The Escapist's Andrea Rene and Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and Ozzie Mejia to continue bringing you the best in games. This week, Garnett discovers Saints Row: The Third for the first time and he tells you why he's not completely enthused by it. Talk shifts to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo's bizarre aversion to YouTube, before Andrea talks about some of the big games on-hand at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The show ends with a big discussion about the Xbox One's recent policy announcements before sending you into the weekend with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 175: 7/26/2013

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  • I'm a new listener and like this show a lot. The drunk-part I thought was entertaining and a fun change of pace, but not something I'd recommend making a habit of!

    Saints Row the 3rd:

    The thing I liked about Saints Row 2 was that is YES it was over the top, but grounded, mostly, in reality. Perhaps the most profound lesson in all of creativity is that the key to comedy is NOT knowing you're in a comedy. Saints Row 2 was ridiculous, but the characters (mostly) played it straight. Whereas in Saints Row 3, everything is so over the top, it's a farce. It's ultimately the difference between a movie like "Airplane" (a classic) and "Disaster Movie" (a not so classic).

    I'm getting a chance to review Saints Row 4 having only played a bit of the 3rd one, so it should be interesting to see how the whole "over the top" (TM) thing works this time around.

    Question: What's the best comedy in all of gaming history? I vote Portal 2, a game that took itself incredibly seriously in terms of direction and challenge, and was an absolute riot because of it. I also vote is had the best ending in the history of all games, ever.

    Re: Nintendo hating the internets

    Am I the only one who kind of sort of sees where they're coming from? As someone who doesn't own a PS4 and was simply able to go online and watch The Last of Us be played, straight through, without giving a single dollar to Sony, I can't help but feel a little dirty. If these cut-scenes and lets plays DIDNT exist, I think more people would buy more games. Not a lot more games, but more games.

    When someone plays say, an old game, like Jesse Cox is with Omikron: The Nomad Soul, that's one thing, but if a game is JUST out and you already have the ENTIRETY of a story-centric plot up online to be viewed and enjoyed, cost free, I do feel a little bit like I'm fucking over the developer in the platform.

    Question: Does any money from Youtube "lets plays" and other coverage go the developers?

    Re: Objectification of Women

    I find this one tricky because I'm the guy who looks at the ground and is all shy and shit when I go to a hooters. I get...awkward in the face of blatant sexuality, which is a problem at comic-cons where folks are dressed up (or down) in all manner of ways. I think the problem is that this kind of thing runs right up against biology.

    For literally generations men and women have had this dominant / subservient thing going on, which is wrong, sure, but it WAS how it was, and I think a lot of men are programmed to view women that way, as horrible as it sounds. The problem is that we're told NOT to do this in society, so those sort of...feral urges play themselves out in different ways: Ridiculous hentai photos of pokemon characters, creepy dudes photographing chicks at comic-cons at chest level, BDSM fantasies, and so on. We're living at a really strange time in society right now, where our instincts regarding interpersonal relationships are almost perpendicular to how things are should be.

  • Really annoyed at the dichotomies that are created for people to shield themselves for having to go all in on loving something. The entire split of Favorite and Best is the most bullshit thing on the internet. Those are basically synonyms because they are both subjective terms which talk about stuff you enjoy. When people have to call something a guilty pleasure or so bad its good I feel like they are cheating themselves out of committing to what they really enjoy.

    Embrace what you enjoy and stop trying to look cool or refined to people, wallow in joy.

  • The wierdest thing ever in these gender/sexism debates is where dudes in an effort to be progressive set rules, and tell women how they are and aren't supposed to feel in terms of male attention and what is and isn't okay in terms of the expression of their sexuality.

    I feel hearts are in the right place, but especially in american culture I feel we lean towards the puratanical a touch too hard.

    Decent debate though, and credit to andrew for veering away from rolling out the 'she was asking for it' hyperbole. The benefits for staying sober when that all comes up.

    Also tons of credit to Andrea for rolling out logic in an emotional debate, and standing by what is currently not a socially favored opinion.

    Overly hashed out or not, that conversation was alright.

  • I haven't listened to the show yet but I keep hearing excuses for Nintendo's Youtube policy as people saying "Well, they're a Japanese company so maybe things are different there." Sony's a Japanese company and they don't have these policies. Hell, I've heard people say on multiple occasions that they watched someone play Last of Us on Youtube and that's how they chose to experience it.

    So if it isn't a cultural thing I wonder if it Nintendo's out of touch nature with the internet. I've said it before and I'll say it again Nintendo treats the internet like it's some kind of fad that will be gone in a few years.