Grid 2 demolition derby coming in free patch

The smash, crash and whiplash of demolition derby are coming to Grid 2, and surprisingly not as paid DLC. Codemasters today announced two respectable updates in the works for the racer: one a big patch filled with changes requested by fans; and the other adding a Demo Derby mode.

"The focus with GRID 2 was all about racing in a new world of competitive motorsport, both on and offline. But it's fair to say many of our 'old-school' Grid players were disappointed about the lack of a Demo Derby mode in Grid 2," Codies said in a blog post. So it's coming back in a free update, yet to be dated.

Before then, some time in August, Codies will put out a big old 'Community Patch' bringing oft-requested features and changes. These include a 'Hardcore' online playlist with full damage and no flashbacks, more money and XP for playing custom playlists, a level cap boost from 30 to 99, country flags, anti-cheat improvements, new liveries, and more. Check the blog post for more info.

Codemasters is also planning another two DLC track packs, each with a new circuit and cars.