Tabletop/video game hybrid Golem Arcana is next for Shadowrun Returns studio

Now that Shadowrun Returns is rolling out, developer HareBrained Schemes has announced its next project. Golem Arcana is a hybrid tabletop and video game, set to start crowdfunding in early August.

A post on the HareBrained blog shows off a piece of concept art for Golem Arcana, which creator Jordan Weisman says is being split off with a small team while the bulk of the studio focuses on Shadowrun post-launch support. A short video has Weisman explaining the basics, which involves playing with real pieces on a tabletop, but letting your mobile device (with a special stylus) handle all the math and rule-keeping.

HareBrained didn't detail exactly when the project will be launching on Kickstarter or what financial goal will be set. You can check out the official site and watch the video below for more info.