Deadly Premonition and Divekick get the Steam Greenlight

I had intended never to write again about batches of games getting the go-ahead on Steam Greenlight, now the initial excitement has worn off and Valve is still dragging its feet on fixing its many problems, but oh, the latest load includes the PC edition of Deadly Premonition. Go on then, one last story.

The latest batch includes a whopping 14 games and two bits of Other Software.

The games are: retro 3D platform A Hat in Time; toddler horror Among the Sleep; 90s action movie lovefest Broforce; survival sandbox Centration; sidescrolling action-RPG Chasm; survival horror Darkwood; sublime Twin Peaks-y survival horror Deadly Premonition; two-button fighting game Divekick; Half-Life: Opposing Force remake mod Operation Black Mesa; superhero game Project Awakened; squad-based top-down shooter Recruits; first-person shooter Rekoil; badger 'em up game Shelter; and Minecraft-ish space game StarMade.

Deadly Premonition was only announced for PC last week, so this is a mighty fast turnaround indeed. It's nice that Valve is sticking to its plan of pushing smaller and more frequent batches through Greenlight. Though still a shame that Valve won't simply hire people to judge and approve games in ways that don't require developers to pay $100 and jump through hoops.