Nintendo bars self-publishing from Japanese indie devs

Nintendo has been making a sincere push to court indie developers in the United States and Europe, granting them a free Unity license and permission to self-publish their games for the Wii U. However, Nintendo appears to be going in the other direction for indie developers residing in their home country of Japan.

Nintendo is currently disallowing self-publishing from indie developers based in Japan. The company confirmed to CVG that "the policy in question is the decision of Nintendo's department responsible for licensing activities in each region, and the licensing department of Nintendo is currently not accepting subject applications from individuals in Japan."

The decision is curious, given the increasing presence of indie titles on Nintendo's platforms. Mighty Switch Force 2 recently hit the 3DS eShop, while the Wii U is expected to receive Shovel Knight, Tengami, and Cloudberry Kingdom in the future. None of these games are from Japan.