Homeworld acquisition 'meant something' to Gearbox CCO

Video games are a big business, but many people in creative positions are still fans. Gearbox COO Brian Martel pushed for his company to purchase the Homeworld IP because "this is one of those games that for me sort of moved me as brand."

Martel told the audience of the Gearbox panel at PAX Australia, as reported by Polygon, that he was "impressed with the story and it had some of the best spaceships that I have ever seen, outside of Star Wars. It was that part of it that meant something to me, so I really thought that we should get it out there for the rest of the world. And a lot of folks haven't had a chance to play it, it has only been on DVD or CD, it has not ever been released digitally."

CEO Randy Pitchford says Brian reminded him to follow up with the bidding every day. Gearbox then had to put up the money in an escrow account to show it could handle the cost, culminating in a live action on the phone with the three remaining bidders. The other two were both publishers, Aspyr Media and Paradox Interactive. Gearbox's $1.3 million bid beat Aspyr by a mere $50,000. Pitchford mentioned this was "less than our CFO is comfortable with, which is always a good sign."

Martel said now that they have the assets, his plan for the remakes is to give it a "fresh coat of paint," including upgrading the ships. His goal, ultimately, is to help people "love it the same way as I have."