Knights of Pen & Paper dev crowdfunding Power Rangers-y TV show sim

Knights of Pen & Paper developer Behold Studios is planning another meta-game, this time a TV sim where you make a Power Rangers-ish show, with layers of running a studio and fighting tactical battles in episodes. It's trying to crowdfund Chroma Squad, and is having a great deal of success so far.

Chroma Squad will have you hiring and managing actors, designing costumes, equipping the TV studio, buying special effects, managing fans, marketing, and all that business jazz. And then getting into turn-based tactical fights with monsters. It'll support co-op and competitive rumble with other studios (ie your chums) too.

The Kickstarter campaign is only looking for $55,000, and as I write this after two days it's almost up to $20,000. Pledging at least $15 will get you a copy of the finished game.

Behold Studios is not planning stretch goals, as "Everything the game should have, it will already have!" Which is, of course, "Monsters, special characters, weapons, giant robots, dinosaurs with lasers, science gone too far, and a lot of jokes!" The developer does say it will "probably keep adding coolness to the game" if it gets loads of money though.

The developer hopes to launch Chrome Squad on PC, Mac and Linux in April 2014. It plans to make iOS and Android versions, and possibly release on Ouya and PlayStation Network too.